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Greg's safe brave journey

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I’m Greg Smith, and I am blessed. I’ve been married for 33 years, have two great kids, live in great, albeit sometimes cold country of Canada. Since a very early age I knew I was different and sensed that there was something bigger going on in the world. I was raised in a good home by parents who were grateful for their lives and modeled giving back and contributing to community.


Throughout my life these tenants have guided me and combined with a privileged start, some innate gifts, lucky breaks and wise counsel, I have been able to find success in the corporate world. For most of my adult life I have held senior leadership roles in areas of People and Culture in great companies such as Marriott, Campbell Soup and Porter Airlines and have been actively involved in charities addressing poverty and supporting refugees.  


After 25 years in the corporate world, I made a shift to focus my intention and attention on living out a personal contribution commitment ‘To evoke hearts, enhance confidence and release potential’. This commitment has led to many surprising, often challenging and always rewarding experiences including starting my own company, helping to fund a vocational center in the DR, joining a consulting/coaching practice, co-hosting a podcast and writing a book. The book, In Search of Safe Brave Spaces has inspired a bigger dream, to spread the word and help spark a broader movement to releasing potential through creating safe brave spaces. My hope is that you will consider joining the journey.

What are Safe Brave Spaces?

"Safe brave spaces are not a thing or a destination, but rather a state of being and relating. It isn't something that you achieve but rather something that you continually create." 


The pathway towards potential through Safe Brave Spaces...

Starts within ME


Accelerated between YOU & ME; and

Flourished amongst WE


When we feel safe:

-We understand, accept, trust and value ourselves

-We recognize that we are enough, both unique and critical contributors to the world and within the relationships we have with each other.


When we feel brave:

-We discover and activate our courage and curiosity

-We move to action, releasing the unencumbered freedom to stand for what we believe in while enabling it in others.

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Greg's Safe Brave Journey

Since a very early age I have always had a deep sense there is more to me, to this world and that there is a better way to being. My life journey has never been one with a clear plan, and yet my head is always full of possibilities and curiosity about what is happening and what could happen.


This mindset helped lead me to wonderful opportunities where I held senior people leadership positions in some great companies.  After 25 years of success and growth, in June 2016, my life unraveled. Within one year, multiple painful and confusing experiences both personally and professionally completely disrupted my life.


Within this place of brokenness, I learned to let go, open up. and allow others to hold me up. As I let go, with the support of a trusted community, I rediscovered my inner wisdom and began a personal search for safe brave spaces.


As I reawakened both safe and brave within myself, I recommitted to helping enable it in others. I began to share my discoveries, capture stories and create tools and frameworks. From this work evolved a coaching practice, a consulting practice, a podcast, a book, a number of unique community offerings. My hope is to nurture and encourage a movement that I believe has already begun.

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