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Start Your Safe Brave Journey

  • Safe Brave Circle

    Confidential cohorts, facilitated by the author
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Twice Monthly; 1.5 hour connections via zoom
    • Ten-week program beginning mid-January
    • Structure: Pre-read section; Teach; Share; Try & Apply
    • Simple practical intersession exercises to apply insights
    • Recorded sessions on private portal if you miss a session
    • Access to live coaching, tools and tips
  • Safe Brave Coaching

    Coaching packages for focused individual support
    Valid for 3 months
    • Three Month 1:1 Full Coaching Program twice a month
    • Includes two assessments – Kolbe and Enneagram
    • Safe Brave Spaces book signed by the author
    • Safe Brave Spaces (SBS) ‘Current State’ Assessment & Map
    • Creation of an SBS ME profile & Safe Brave Plan
    • Access to & practice leveraging over 25 best practices tools
    • Coaching support to create momentum around the plan
  • E-book

    Stories, insights, frameworks & tools to begin your journey
    • Safe Brave Spaces starts within ME
    • The eBook will help prepare for and start your ME journey
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