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Safe Brave Spaces and the Magic of ‘In-Between’

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances, if there is a reaction, both are transformed.” Carl Jung

In my previous posts, I shared ideas and tools to help strengthen Safe Brave Spaces within ME. I believe that this journey starts within ourselves with a commitment to deepening self-awareness and amplifying our impact on the world. Starting on this inward journey is critical and we quickly realize the most essential ingredient to success and fulfillment in our journey towards safe brave spaces requires us to enhance our ability to connect and participate in the ‘in-between’.

Jung’s quote resonates with me and makes me reflect on what kind of reaction and transformation that I wish to contribute to. We have all experienced interactions that have led to significant personal and team advancement as well as those that have set us back. Although we can’t control every outcome, how we show up to those moments and how we respond within them will directly impact how we are transformed.

Important Insights to Enhance the Positive Outcome and Release the Magic of the 'In-Between' Include:

  1. Before the connection: Whether the connection is planned or unplanned we all have the opportunity to pause and enter the ‘in-between’ with positive intent. The likelihood of successful impact is significantly increased if you first take two minutes to consider and capture your thoughts around these two questions: • What is the best outcome I hope for myself and the other person in this meeting? • How do I need to ‘be’ (mindset & behaviours) to increase the likelihood of that outcome?

  2. During the connection: Even with positive intent, we can easily be distracted and in some cases run into conflicting opinions/experiences. Three approaches that have been helpful for me are to choose to be: • Present - i.e. shutting down technology; listen from the other person’s perspective. • Curious - especially when your first reaction is to disagree (seek first to understand). • Courageous - be courageous enough to "speak what’s true for you" when necessary.

  3. Post the connection: Be grateful, reflect & learn, and be accountable for your commitments.

A final observation of leaders who are masters of the ‘in-between’ is that they are self-aware and have a continual desire to deepen their understanding of themselves and others. They have developed their ability to create the space within themselves to pause and listen which creates the environment for others to do the same. When we are committed to and intentional and intentional in enabling safe brave spaces, the magic of ‘in-between’ is released and with it the potential of all present.

Consider what steps you can take today to create this magic in your relationships and team. As you try some of the above steps, be present and observe the impact on yourself and others, capture your insights and become a champion of releasing the ‘in-between’.


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